ATAC News and Information

3/27/2015 ATAC Honors Texas Fire Investigators
8/28/2014 Austin Woman Arrested on Arson Charge
4/17/2014 Texas Arson Hotline Results in Austin Arrests
2/13/2014 Texas Arson Hotline Up and Running
7/03/2013 Deadly Year for Texas Firefighters
3/25/2013 Texas Arson Convictions Under Review In Light of New Fire Science
3/22/2013 ATAC Honors SFMO Canine Handler
2/19/2013 San Antonio Vehicle Arson Live Burn - February 27 - 28, 2013.
12/17/2012 The State Fire Marshal is hosting the inaugural Texas Fire Investigation Forum.
10/3/2012 Online Registration for Nationwide Car Burn Seminar Now Available
09/26/2012 Vehicle Arson and Live Burn Training Presentation
09/26/2012 ATAC 2012 Fire Class Registration
05/25/2012 ATAC Welcomes New State Fire Marshal
03/30/2012 Dallas Fire Captain & Tarrant County Prosecutor Honored
03/08/2012 Arson Hotline Nabs Four Suspects
05/06/2011 Arson Hotline Nabs Juveniles in Austin Fire
03/25/2011 ATAC Honors Austin Fire Investigations Team
03/18/2011 Gang Members Busted for Arson in Bastrop County
03/27/2009 ATAC Honors Waco Fire Marshal
09/08/2008 Arson Hotline Nabs Trio in Mills County Fire
04/21/2008 Teen Arrested in Grandparentís House Fire - Reward Given to Informant
04/16/2008 New Fire-Safe Cigarettes coming to Texas
03/25/2008 Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Honored
03/03/2008 Boy Scout Helps Elderly with Smoke Alarms
01/15/2008 Texas Insurance Code 2001.006.doc
01/15/2008 Texas Insurance Code 2001.006 (Sample Letter)
09/04/2007 Seven Texas Cities to Receive Smoke Alarms
07/16/2007 Republic Group Donates to Arson Hotline
05/29/2007 Nationwide and Germania Donate to Arson Hotline
04/24/2007 Arson Hotline Donations Needed
04/24/2007 New Arson Hotline Bumber Stickers
04/10/2007 Arson Hotline Nets Three Arrests in Store Fire
04/3/2007 Donated Smoke Alarms Saves Elderly Couple
03/27/2007 ATAC Elects Officers
03/23/2007 ATAC Honors Fire Investigators
03/15/2007 Hotline Call ID's Pair in Sorority Fire
02/16/2007 Smoke Alarms in Need of Attention
12/12/2006 Call to Arson Hotline Nails Juveniles
08/29/2006 Hotline Call Leads to Arrest and Reward