About ATAC

A Texas Advisory Council on Arson, or ATAC, was formed in 1976 by fire, police, industrial and insurance officials who were concerned about the arson problem in Texas. The goal of the Council is to pool the knowledge and special interests of all individuals concerned about the arson problem.

ATAC is an advisory body for the State Fire Marshal. The advisory council, members and directors, meet quarterly to communicate on the level of arson and arson related problems in their areas of special interest. Insurance officials, fire investigators, industrial representatives, prosecution and law enforcement officials share and gather information. Then each member returns to his or her job and works within their profession to make people aware of the arson problem, influence policies and contact lawmakers as concerned individuals regarding legislatives issues.

Every March, the Council presents awards at the Fire and Arson Seminar held in Austin. Awards are given to individuals, nominated by members of ATAC, who have made special accomplishments in arson awareness, education, public information, investigations and other special award areas. Two special awards in the form of scholarships are also made each year. The first is a scholarship for a person to attend the Texas Firemen's Training School. The Council provides the tuition in an attempt to assist these students who without this aid could not obtain the training.

ATAC is coordinated by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. Board members are nominated to fill specific positions to ensure representation from all areas of interest. Board positions include arson investigation, county, state and local law enforcement, insurance, prosecution, industry, and the fire service. The Board members volunteer their time to coordinate the business of the Council.

The Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) in Austin provides the administrative support needed to keep the organization operational on a daily basis. Staff members from the ICT also provide the assistance in publication and distribution of the Council's Texas Arson Notebook.

ATAC meetings are held in different cities in an attempt to involve members from all areas of the state in the Council's business. In March the meeting is in Austin at the Fire and Arson Seminar.

ATAC is an organization working to provide training, information and in some cases professional assistance to the citizens of Texas.

ATAC was involved in the development of the arson law approved several years ago. No longer can the statement, "no claim--no crime" be made in Texas.

ATAC was instrumental in the creation and funding of the state’s Arson Hotline and reward program. Its Reward signs have been distributed to fire investigators in every corner of the state.

Your membership in ATAC allows you the opportunity of professional association with individuals from different interest groups, from all areas of Texas, meeting to discuss and review the current issues concerning the arson problem in Texas.

Dues are $20.00 annually, due January 1. Your dues payment allows you the opportunity to receive the Texas Arson Notebook as well as the opportunity to be involved in an organization that is working to solve the arson problem.